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  1. Cefi

    In my opinion as a police officer on the server i think this proposition has a couple of flaws. First problem that pops into my head as MlodyAlgida said it will be a lot harder for us to find the offenders, this will give smugglers much more time to operate. Second i think it will waste police officers more time if we keep going after a person that is already controlled (also as you know we have a rule that we cant check a person multiple times in a certain period). Also a thing that pops up into my mind, what about people with Zalegly? We are going to have to do a goose chase around the map to find the player? Now as all of that is said, I would be for this idea if a couple of more things are implemented for example; police officers can mark players that are checked recently with with a different color on F11 (disappears after 5 mins). Also about offenders (/police call), when u get a report all of the people in a short radius around that person (the caller) should be marked with for example a red color, which will shorten the amount of people you have to go after. Everything i said sounds great but can it actually get implemented. Overall i'm against this idea.
  2. Cefi

    If you don’t know in the rules it says if you dont have anything useful to say you will get punished. I think i had something useful to say so i did. If the admins think i stepped out of bounds and abused some of the rules i would be more than happy to take the punishment.
  3. Cefi

    Last thing from me in this topic as i see it. If you are really soft and decide to cry about being rammed and try to frame naimad that he did something wrong then maybe stop after the first warning. The fact that u had a guy filming and on your bike gives me the thought that you were doing this whole thing on purpous. You decide to run even before you were told to stop. Naimad did nothing wrong, simple as that. Peace
  4. Cefi

    Okay i want to respond to this because i see Naimad is getting a lot of hate lately. I feel like first you don't have enough proof in this topic (providing chat logs might help) since you cant even prove that he only told you to stop once before ramming you. Second i see it a bit funny how you said it wasn't a chase yet you openly admitted that you decided not to stop. The moment you decide not to stop it counts as a chase and i think Naimad did the right thing ramming you, since you clearly didn't have an intention to stop (plus he didn't shoot at you). Also want to throw this out there what do you mean you were waiting for a police man yet you were "vmaxing around the map" as you said it. So basically in my opinion i dont think Naimad did anything wrong, you just need to man up and deal with the consequences of your actions.
  5. Cefi

    Mom got some building skills
  6. Happy b'day, mate :D

    1. Cefi


      Thanks dude <3 

  7. Nikt

    100 and happy birthday!

    1. Cefi


      Thanks Zielus <3 

  8. Gyro

    Sreken rodenden sine, iako ne sum tvojot vistinski tatko, pamti deka moze da bide i poloso

    Nemoj da si otisol od PTS, znam kade zivees <3
    PS. So sreka da si koristis novata tastatura I maus :D

    1. Cefi


      Fala fala, ne si idam ne se sekiraj :D 

      Se gledame kaj rusite :p

  9. Happy birthday my son! Eat a cake and have a great time!

    1. kubusplay
    2. Cefi


      MOM you need to buy me the cake!!! Thanks btw, really appreciate it <3 

  10. Happy birthday

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      Thanks wersjon <3 

  11. Cudak

    Greetings :E

  12. Cefi

    Nick: Ti|Cefi Powód (opcjonalne): Mainly inactivity. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to join this awesome squad i never thought i was going to be able to become a police officer on this server. I've had a blast this last 5 months while i was here. I've thought about this for some time but lately i rarely have time for PTS and i've had problems completing the norma. So i decided to leave this wonderful fraction and give my place to someone more active than me that will be more useful to this team. Once again thanks to everybody in the police and i hope i'll get a chance once again to join this squad in the future. I wish you guys all the best. Zwolniony 12.05.2018 8:05. Thanks for all and the best wishes !
  13. Cefi

    Nick: ruski#798 ID postaci: 5925 Wysokość zaległego mandatu: 13000$, 25score, 15 minut wiezienia Dowód:
  14. Cefi

    Nick: Cefi Okres czasu (od/do): 27.03 - 02.04 Powód: Exams
  15. Cefi

    Nick: tondek/ev ID postaci: 89913 Wysokość zaległego mandatu: nisczenia mienia 5000$ 10score x2 = 10000$ 20score Dowód: