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I'm writing for a friend's account, he just want second chance :).


Nick: Ruski

Serial: B2CD0E75F07941133EF537D326B586B2

Banned by: Mishka

The reason for ban: naganne zachowanie

Explanation: It was long time ago, maybe more than 1 year. I don't remember very good but as I remember I wanted to get Mishka's attention with stupid questions and stupid sentences. After i received his attention because of my not good sentences (yes i wrote some stupid things but I didn't know what I really did I mean I was like chatting with him) I wrote him ,,Mishka go eat your cheese" because on my language (bulgarian) ,,Mishka" means ''a mouse" and what... as a stupid guy I say the first thing what i have on mind. As i remember after that I get banned. Sorry my English is not perfect too I would like to return in PTS, I didn't have long experience but I want to play with Swiftyy sometimes but I can't because of the stupidity of a kid... Long time have passed and I understood my fault I hope that I will receive second chance. :)

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