§1 General provisions


1. forum is a part of Polski Truckerski Serwer

2. The Forum is for discussion, exchange of views and mutual assistance in the thematic areas specially assigned.

3. Any errors or concerns in the rules should be addressed to administrators or to the tracker eventually.

4. Etiquette rules oblige on the forum.

5. Rules apply to all forum grades.

6. Rules are a priority part of the forum, which should be addressed when writing posts, using Shoutbox, typing private messages or updating status.

7. Forum is conducted based on GTA:SA sercers - MTA:SA and SA:MP.

8. Rank hierarchy is inherent at the forum.

9. The Administration reserves the right to change the statute prior to before notice of change.

10. Using profanity is restricted in every part of the forum.

11. Registered accounts are the property of the Polish Trucker Server and will not be removed at the request of the user.


§2 Registration


1. Registration in the forum is completely free. Forum does not charge for using it.

2. Registration process will end when the user accepts his email address in his mailbox.

3. Not accepting the email adress will cause the user to remain in "awaiting for acceptaion group". People with this rank are not allowed to write posts.

4. It is prohibited to use insulting, vilating of ethics, or breaking polish law names while registration.

5. Registration on the forum means reading and accepting the rules.

6. The registrant has the right to decide whether he wishes to receive e-mails from the administration.

7. After registration user is able to change his name being displayed, password or email adress.

8. Each person can register only one account.

9. Only person of 13 years old or more can accept the rules. Otherwise the rules must be accepted by the adult (guardian, parent).

10. Sharing the IP address for many people (eg family, tenants) should be reported to the administration.


§3 Writing posts


1. The Administration is not responsible for content posted by other users.

2. Below behaviours are strictly forbidden:

  • sneering
  • threatening,
  • humiliate etc.
  • Use of profanity
  • insulting, flame war
  • Trolling or making foolish jokes of other users
  • Violation of moral-ethical and religious values
  • Proclaiming views or propagating ideologies that are considered wrong or inappropriate
  • Posting pornographic, erotic, pedophile, homosexual, demoralizing or aggressive content


3. Persons who regularly post messages (and write senseless) may receive a moderator queue or be considered a spammer (which prevents writing posts).

4. Topics are refreshed after 24h.

  • Only content containing problems and propositions will be refreshed
  • It is strictly forbidden to refresh the presentation of the server when no particular update has been made.
  • We do not refresh topics if discussion within them continues.
  • Only author of the topic can refresh it. The exception is when the author of the topic is banned, then everyone can refresh the topic.


5. Do not write post by post - use "edit" function to add a new content.

6. Each sentence should begin with a capital letter and end with a dot. Do not write all words with a capital letter, because no one likes to screamed at.

7. No flooding (eg. "?????" or "aaaaaaaa").

8. We try to maintain correct spelling and punctuation. Frequent breaking of language rules can be punished by warn.

9. We only write in our native language (except for persons from other countries).

10. It is absolutely forbidden to post in the referral links in the forum.

11. To report a user whom posts not comply with the rules, click the "Report" button, which is located under the post.

12. In sections where posts are not counted, you can exchange short sentences.

13. W innych działach niż tych, w których posty nie są zliczane, należy pisać pełnymi zdaniami. Krótkie wypowiedzi nieprzynoszące wielu informacji mogą zostać karane warnami.

14. In other sections than those where posts are not counted, write using full sentences. Short messages that do not bring a lot of information can be punished with warnings.

15. Do not dig up topics older than half a year. The exception are information posts that should be updated.

16. Trading is absolutelly banned (except for stock exchanges).

17. Sending pirated or illegal content is forbidden.

18. Each file must be included with the scan (we scan from Exceptions are files of known origin.

19. Outbound links should be posted in CODE.

20. Image or video attachments are subject to the same prohibitions on content as posts (see §3 p.2).


§4 Administration


1. Administration will never ask you for your personal details or passwords.

2. Administration reserves the right to conduct marketing activities on the forum.

3. The highest authority in the whole forum and server area is the rank of Administrator.

4. Administrator has every right to remove a persons signature, but he must contact this user and explain the reason for such action.

5. Administrator has the right to remove a members nick (do not distort) without giving a specific reason.

6. Administration is not responsible for forum problems caused by third parties or by the server room.

7. Members must listen to admins commands.

8. Impersonation as administrator (or other users) can be punished with severe sanctions

9. Admins have the right to remove or edit posts for a variety of reasons:

  • Unreadable in stylistic terms
  • Posts written only in capital letters or in different colors
  • With great amount of spelling errors
  • Not containing a substantive content
  • Placed "one by one" by the same sender
  • Duplication in various places in the forum
  • Incorrect in terms of compliance with applicable laws
  • Reported by users
  • Threating in the goods of Polish Trucker Server
  • They aim to provoke another user


10. No Administrator (called h @), server administrators and moderators of the server are not the owners of GMs, forum writers, ideas and other minor things that can not be determined at this time.


§5 Sanctions


1. A user who violates the rules will receive a warning.

2. The amount of warrants received depends on the extent to which the rules have been broken and how big the consequences are.

3. The maximum number of warnings that a user can have is 7.

4. The person authorized to give warnings must state the reason given in the rules of the forum.

5. Multiaccounts or bypassing locks will be punished with a permanent lock on the forum.

6. The amount of warnings causes following sanctions:

  • 2 warnings = Posting on forum blocked for 1 week.
  • 3 warnings = Posting on forum blocked for 2 weeks.
  • 4 warnings = Posting on forum blocked for 1 month.
  • 5 warnings = Posting on forum blocked for 3 months.
  • 6 warnings = Posting on forum blocked for 6 months.
  • 7 warnings = Permanent block.


7. The number of warnings can be reduced by helping the forum, writing effective guides, or over time (with good performance).

8. Permanent IP ban can be cancelled by consulation with administrations on TeamSpeak 3 server.

9. For posting porn in the forum, you will receive a permanent ban without unban option.

10. Warnings may only be given by moderating grades.

11. Only admin can remove the warnings.

12. For advertising a competing forum or server, you get an IP ban that can be unbaned by contacting TeamSpeak 3.

13. For taking actions that can cause detriment to Polski Truckerski Serwer (in various available ways) user can be excluded from the community.

14. The Administration reserves the right to use various methods to penalize user for inappropriate behavior or for violate forum rules (such as temporarily restricting your ability to post, disable a mailbox, delete an account, add to a banned group, etc.).


§6 User


1. User has the right to psot in various threads at the forum.

2. The user submitting any supporting content mentioned in §6 p.3 makes them the property of Polski Truckerski Serwer.

3. User as a forum member can support Polski Truckerski Serwer by helping others solve problems, posting: guides, articles, proposals, regulations; taking various entertainment initiatives and other forms that can not be determined at the time.

4. Status:

  • Words written in status can not go beyond forum rules
  • Status is not used to advertise topics or other forums
  • If user invites someone (eg to haxball), the game link must be posted in the comment.
  • Bugs in status are sometime possible. Once you've written the status, refresh the page and make sure the status is typed
  • Status is subject to the same rules and prohibitions as posts (see §3 p.2)


5. User avatar must be static.

6. Signature size can be up to 550x225px

7. The user has the right to write a warning notice to the Main Administrator.

8. The user who is using the forum after the rules has been changed accepts those changes.


§7 Shoutbox


1. The shoutbox rules are strictly the same as forum ones.

2. Typing in BBCODE or HTML is prohibited.

3. Etiquette rules does apply on the shoutbox.Na Shoutboxie obowiązują zasady netykiety.

4. The Administration has the right to disable the Shoutbox only for a detailed reason, which should be given in the specified place.

5. Possibility occurs to receive a warn for improper expressions on the SB.

6. It is totally forbidden to:

  • Placing any pornographic, erotic and generally unethical content,
  • challenge, sneer, threating
  • trolling
  • Continuous and annoying spamming or flooding,
  • Flame war
  • Use of profanity.


§8 Statut


1. Polski Truckerski Serwer is a work created thanks to cooperation of people interested in running MTA:SA and SA:MP servers, in order to provide entertainment to other users.

2. Administrators and other members of the Polski Truckerski Serwer team perform their tasks voluntarily non-profit, without claiming the contribution they made during their office.

3. Polski Truckerski Serwer owns two GMs:

  • GM bought from RHBK in 2008r; Modified and revised until 2013r. by Mawej; actually modified by Pawelo.
  • GM created and modified by Domenico since 2014.


4. Objectives and resources of action:

  • Financial support of Polskiego Truckerskiego Serwera.
  • Financial forum maintenance.
  • Striving for better technical equipment so that the service provided is at the highest possible level.



Last update: 8th of April 2016




Translated by @Avenged