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  1. MarTinEz.

    Nick: MarTinEz ID: 64817 hello zoomie management I present my resignation to the company Until today I will accompany you in Zoomie thank you very much for the opportunity 8 nice weeks I want to continue experiencing PTS Thank you //Zwolniony 23.05.2020 o godz. 01:30. Dziękujemy za współpracę.
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    NickName: AndRes ID: 64817 Character Name: AndRes Martinez
  4. MarTinEz.

    good day to all I wrote this post in order to know why my game does not let me on the server (MTA) when i was playing not banearon me or never informed me I want to know if I me this banned the server and reason thank you very much if you can help me to play again in the server please my ID is 196 my name in the server is AndRes