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  1. #Orion

    Nick: Orion Period of time: 18.04 - 02.05 Reason: Personal matters, the Chief is notified in advance
  2. #Orion

    Rubí conquering Spanish lands , a backhoe trip from the City of Napoles to the City of Albacete, a great ferry trip and passing through the great Barcelona. PostData: The great advantage of being in Spain is that you will not feel alone, on the contrary you will feel as a family, and do you know why? Because there they are all uncles, but I confirmed it better Karot do Spania
  3. #Orion

    Thanks to @Sonny91 suggestion, a second garage is bought in the beloved City of Poznan , immediately it is expanded and a platform with national registration is purchased, I could not have been happier
  4. Happy Birthday!!!🎂🎉🎁🙂🤠

  5. #Orion

    Announcement # 16 Good day to all: As the first announcement as Vice-leader and in a very special way, with the arrival of the third star to the company, I allow myself to inform all our employees and other players in the PTS community that our base has changed zone, for a base improved and with better space for the comfort of our employees, it has a space for bikes, a space for private cars for our employees and ample space for the company's trucks, as well as a fuel station and a Pay N 'Spray , and the most innovative a Heliport, we hope that the boss does not think of buying a fighter plane xD, first and most sincere thanks to our great friend @#Carrillo., who had an important role in the creation of the base and for which we are very grateful, also to @drftmn and finally @#Liq who was the one who gave us the final approval, now you will find us in front of the Las Venturas stadium and next to loading bay # 120. We are proud as a company, that little by little the fruits of our great effort are being seen by each of our employees, small steps have been taken, but significant company, this is a gift for you for your great effort, I hope you enjoy it Finally the value of the project was $ 1.3k Cordially,, Orion Vice-leader Oil-Trax Company
  6. #Orion

  7. #Orion

    The first 10k of Rubí, made passing through this great country , more precisely in the city of Poznan, heading towards the German country , debuting with a food tanker too !!!
  8. #Orion

    Convoy with the boss @Frg_BR and the partner @Joseee
  9. #Orion

    A recognition for the boss for his great work and reaching the maximum score, you are from another universe xD!!!
  10. #Orion

    With the Boss!!! @Frg_BR
  11. #Orion

    I could notice yesterday that you repeatedly entered the server and it immediately took you out of it. Go to @Versión to solve the problem of the F4, which recently also had the boss.
  12. #Orion

    A small visit to the country of Poland , departing from the City of Lyon (FR)
  13. #Orion

  14. #Orion

    Vaccine delivery in the countries of Turkey and Bulgaria In me beautiful Ruby
  15. #Orion

    Delivering Vaccines to the City of Portland (OR)