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  1. Orion91

    Nick: Orion Vehicle localization: Fort Carson service: Repair fixed Cysterna proof of payment as ScreenShot: https://imgur.com/a/us0WWXw Date of vehicle abandon: Naczepa Cysterna ID: 1116 Model: 584 cause of leaving the server: There is no PD at the moment
  2. Orion91

    I am interested in participating in the event
  3. Orion91

    And with you, your server, the great Orion !!! https://imgur.com/a/9f7HaFx
  4. Orion91

    Working hard https://imgur.com/a/Z9nisdJ
  5. Orion91

  6. Orion91

    Nick: Orion Character id: 116777 Character Name: Oscar Orion
  7. Orion91

    Kind regards to all A&T members: My name is Oscar, Colombian, 28 years old, my passions are trucks and everything related to motorsports, the server seemed to me the best, I recently left ASL where I was able to do a remarkable job as a driver, but I think it was time to change the environment, and of course continue to demonstrate my skills and strengths behind the wheel and more in a business like this, to gain and gain experience in terms of management, thank you, I hope you can give me this opportunity, not the I will waste. Thanks for your attention, Nick: Orion Character ID: 116777 Score: 2335 and constantly growing
  8. Orion91

    Nick: Orion Character ID: 116777 Work period: 04/05/2020 - 06/08/2020. Reason: It's time to try something new Dear ASL colleagues: I knew that this day would come, and the moment in which one has to leave, but that somehow you do not want to, and even more when this company reached out to you at the moment when you needed it most, I consider that here my cycle has Finished, I am leaving with great nostalgia, but at the same time with much satisfaction of having given the best of my, and vice versa. They say that first love is never forgotten, and yes, ASL has already filled a large part of my heart, which I can tell you, were great moments, great achievements that I achieved and all of this was possible thanks to ASL @Wersjon @DarXe specially @Frg_BR Do you recommend ASL ?? But of course yes, this is the company where your dreams can be realized if you work with dedication and above all perseverance. thanks for giving me the opportunity and for contributing my grain of sand, which now ASL and other colleagues will have a special place in my heart. How a great Spanish Rock singer Gustavo Cerati said GRACIAS TOTALES !!! /// Zwolniony 09.06.2020 o godzinie 09:57[10:02] (server lag) PM przez //Wersjon
  9. Orion91

  10. Orion91

  11. Orion91

  12. Orion91

  13. Orion91

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