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A08. last won the day on July 26 2017

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  1. A08.

    Hello dear petrol administration My name is Andres, I live in South America, I am 23 years old, my passion is trucks and sports especially soccer, maybe you know me a little, I have played on the server for about 9 years, I want to join you Because the atmosphere is pleasant and I like to replenish the service stations, I have worked here on several occasions, my plans were to stop the PTS again, but due to the new extension of the quarantine in my area I think I will have more free time than the Most of it I will use playing in PTS. My ID is 1768 and I play with the nickname of A08. Thanks for reading, I hope to be considered soon, see you on the road.
  2. A08.

    Nick: A08. ID: 1768 Powód: whitout time. Thank you for all, see you on road. //Zwolniony 23.05.2020 o godz. 01:30. Dziękujemy za współpracę.
  3. Happy Birthday My Bro 😉 🎉

    1. grimmy



  4. A08.

    Exactly we were also talking about another server but it had nothing to do with what they mutated me, I am not saying that they mutated me for passing the link of another server, we were only talking about it and that it is curious that all the servers of trucks are Polish, and as you know we are from America and there is no other server that speaks Spanish, that's why we were talking about it. Not for more man.
  5. A08.

    ok I won't be able to argue about any of this, so nothing will take my 7-day penalty mute, I hope you are well
  6. Greetings to the administration The reason for my appeal is that I was changed by the Consonla, since I was talking to my friend "ROCA" About something about trucks in real life, in the middle of the talk, I am referring to a company called "redacted" who is responsible for the sale of spare parts in real life in our city, and I was immediately mutated by the console, I know that you should not talk about other servers there, or share links because that happens, but in my case never It was my intention to do it, so for this reason I ask for your help. Thank you
  7. A08.

    Nick: A08. ID postaci: 1768 Imię i nazwisko postaci: A08. xxxx
  8. A08.

    Hello dear Zoomie management. My name is Andres, I am 22 years old, I am from Colombia but recently I am living in Chile, a country further south on the continent of America, I arrived at PTS around 2011, I have worked in many companies, including a couple of occasions in Zoomie , My passions are trucks, soccer and sports, I recently returned to PTS after a long break, as you know the whole world is going through a pandemic which we have a little more free time, so I want to join you since the atmosphere is pleasant. I hope to be considerate, regards and see you on the road. Nick: Andres. ID: 1768 Score: 14400+ Have a nice game, sincerely Andres.
  9. A08.

    Nick: Andres. ID:1768 Score: 14138 Okres pracy: 1 month Powód: ReD know Thank you for all. Fired 22:19. //ReD
  10. A08.

    Nick: Andres.ID: 1768Powód: Time to change, TT on base , Thanks for The oppotunity Fired without penalty 22.08.2018r. o godz. 15:22 Thanks for your time and good luck with further career //Cumster
  11. A08.

    Nick: Andres. Powód(opcjonalnie): some things come to an end and I think this is mine, thanks for the opportunity. :) Zwolniony o 18:41, bez kary //Stalion
  12. A08.

    ID: 1768 Okres pracy: 17.03 - 16.04 Powód: whiout time thanks for the opportunity ;D
  13. A08.

  14. A08.

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