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  1. kevo1414

    Is there any videos of this convoy?
  2. kevo1414

    No no no Marik. I totally agree with you! SA:MP and MTA PTS server should stay! Great news Pawelo! I hope and NTAuthority will work togheter on the same project.
  3. kevo1414

    Thank you guys for responding. Maybe one of you should ask your's polish friends, here on forums, about that suggestion? Make a poll about that? Are people prepere to move from MTA to GTA: V: MP? And SA:MP PTS server could stay, no matter if someday come PTS server for GTA V: MP. One who can't afford so good PC or GTA V game, could stay in MTA or SA. There will come new people with GTA V thats for sure. No matter what, we can't dismissed this community who right now playing PTS. Anyway, just look at this :banana: Now, just imagine playing this with proper speed limits, blinkers, NPC's, very good first person view and so on...
  4. kevo1414

    Hello to all! First off all, my english is not first language so sorry if there apears any grammer mistake. Secondly, I really like PTS in MTA. Best server ever! :uszanowanie: My question: Is there any possibility to make something similiar for GTA V: MP? GTA V: MP it's probably comming this summer, and there is also already some mod for blinkers that might help you with script (or not, I am not scripter, so I don't know how this works). Anyway, I will put some links down bellow that might help you. I would really like to see this server in GTA V: MP. Just imagine, there is already some NPC, and you will never be alone on road. Map is huge and awesome. Some really amazing long highways. I love it. So, is there any chanche to make this happen? Did you already consider to move or just make another server in GTA V: MP? Links: GTA V: MP GTA V: MP - Development Blog: Week 1 - First video GTA V: MP - Development Blog: Week 2 GTA V: MP - Development Blog: Week 3 Vehicle Controller Turn Signals mod Cheers!