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  1. ReaperZM

    Well, it seems you have some problems at your map today. 90% of the respawnable cars are gone and parts of the map look like they... didnt load at all... Screenshots from AP and Blueberry:
  2. ReaperZM

    Well, gonna have to investigate by trial and error I guess. Thank you for your time, this topic can be closed.
  3. ReaperZM

    Ok, I understand and won't push it, I'm just a guest here but I still think a tiny change in this matter wouldn't imbalance the server - it would make it more enjoyable for people like me, cause right now most of the people are playing trailer+truck style. My oppinion of course. One more question, different branch though: how is the payment per haul calculated? Distance? Type of cargo? The more points a cargo requires the more cash do I get? Damage of the car etc...? I tried to look it up here but haven't found anything useful :<
  4. ReaperZM

    Well, thats not good. I'm not saying "disable this feature" but "lower the timeout by at least 1 minute", I wouldn't have a problem with smaller wages too so smaller vehicles wouldn't attract too many people. I know most people like to play truck+trailer but please place yourself on my position (the truck+trailer hater) - every haul ~1.5/2minutes waiting before unload, 2 more minutes to unload - 10 hauls and it stacks up to quite a lot of time... Anyway, thank you for your swift reply, I hope you will reconsider - like I said, everything seems very cool & complex (although easy to learn) at your server, just this one tiny little thing irritates me.
  5. ReaperZM

    Hello and welcome! First of all I'd like to thank Avenged (I hope I remember your nickname right!), he directed me here from the server and has been very friendly towards a newbie :) I'd like to suggest something though since the only vehicle I'm using at your MTA server is Burriton (when I can at least): Every shipment, every haul I take, no matter how long (even from angel pine to LV, upper parth of the map), even with 110km/h max speed leaves me ~2minutes left to unload :( I have 100 score right now and each delivery seems like a waste of time cause I earn less in the same amount of time :( My question - is it possible to lower the "unload" timer on lesser/smaller vehicles like vans/burrito/pony etc? Anyway, great server and once again thank you Avenged for the warm welcome :) Please also forgive me any grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. Cheers!
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