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  1. I'm writing for a friend's account, he just want second chance :). Nick: Ruski Serial: B2CD0E75F07941133EF537D326B586B2 Banned by: Mishka The reason for ban: naganne zachowanie Explanation: It was long time ago, maybe more than 1 year. I don't remember very good but as I remember I wanted to get Mishka's attention with stupid questions and stupid sentences. After i received his attention because of my not good sentences (yes i wrote some stupid things but I didn't know what I really did I mean I was like chatting with him) I wrote him ,,Mishka go eat your cheese" because on my language (bulgarian) ,,Mishka" means ''a mouse" and what... as a stupid guy I say the first thing what i have on mind. As i remember after that I get banned. Sorry my English is not perfect too I would like to return in PTS, I didn't have long experience but I want to play with Swiftyy sometimes but I can't because of the stupidity of a kid... Long time have passed and I understood my fault I hope that I will receive second chance. :)
  2. Swiftyy

    I have never been working in a company in ETS2, because I am new in the game. About the name of company, my propose is: PTS Logistics. Unfortunately I don't think think that I can help you with making the company because I am really new in the game and I don't know the forums and the community, but If there is need of nap like me I would try to help you.
  3. Swiftyy

    I will be participating in this company, this might take me back to ETS2. I like the idea.
  4. Happy birthday! Continue with being pro and good friend <3

    1. [SiK]CaverN


      Thank u so much <3

  5. Swiftyy

    Nick: Swiftyy ID: 30695 Okres pracy: 14.04.2018 - 12.05.2018 Powod: I would like to drive truck. I'm very sorry for the short working period. Thanks to Chlebek for trusting me and give me chance to meet Police crew for second time. I wish good luck to the management, good luck to all honest and good officers and good luck to the newcomer officers. See you on the roads of the best MTA server. :uszanowanie: :truck: :uszanowanie: Zwolniony 12.05.2018 13:39. Odebrano 400 score. Thanks for all!
  6. Swiftyy

    It will be so good, because interviews are interesting but Google Translator is very bad at good translating.
  7. Swiftyy

    Yes we have, but I don't know if it is still running
  8. Swiftyy

    How was your day? Me: :truck: :ahooj:
  9. Swiftyy

    They are is always somebody who can speak English, to make you feel better.☺
  10. Swiftyy

    ile $ dasz? a ile chcesz? XD dużo nie mam duzo, przepraszam........ rezygnuje z zakupu
  11. Swiftyy

    ile $ dasz? a ile chcesz? XD
  12. Swiftyy

    Chcialbym dotrzec zdolnosc dać mojej rodzinie wszystko czego chca! Co zrobisz jesli jestes prezydent ameriki przez 24 godziny? :)
  13. Swiftyy