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Swiftyy last won the day on September 9 2019

Swiftyy had the most liked content!

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    Sofia, Bulgaria

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  1. Swiftyy

    Nick: Swiftyy Okres: 18.6.2020 - 25.6.2020
  2. Swiftyy

    Тeam name: Mladi Bogati Tarikati (MBT) Nick: Swiftyy Nick: BoSS$ (@Radostin)
  3. Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!!! I wish you many achievements in the future! 🎂

    1. grimmy


      thank you so much! 

  4. Swiftyy

    praca nigdy się nie kończy @Radostin
  5. Swiftyy

    Nick: Swiftyy ID: 30695 Data dołączenia: 21.04.2020
  6. Swiftyy

    Swiftyy - 30695 I'm sorry, I won't be able to play at the weekend. An unexpected events have come in.
  7. Swiftyy

    Count me in.
  8. Swiftyy

    Could you explain it on English because I don't get anything valuable from google translator, please?
  9. Swiftyy

    Nick: Swiftyy ID: 30695 Score: 5000 Okres pracy: 18.08.2019 - 11.12.2019 Thanks for 4 month work in Mecha! <3 Released at 18:46//Omega
  10. Swiftyy

    Sprzedam dom w PC wart 1kk
  11. Swiftyy

    ,,MTA Server Statute §1 General rules and informations " p.20 says ,,20. If you are witnessing a violation of the rules, report it using the "/ report" command. In the case of writing in the chat, information may be unnoticed or ignored by the administration." (Sorry I couldn't quote Avenged's translation of the Server statue) And as Pawelo said earlier: ,,when someone hides a vehicle with smuggling on the company's HQ, they break the server rules " I did not want to interfere but in my opinion neither side is understanding of the other so let's look at the rules and clarify the situation.
  12. Happy Birthday, MrJhin!!! :banan::banan::urodzinki::urodzinki:

  13. Swiftyy

    Chyba nic nie bedzie mial op
  14. Swiftyy

    9/10 0:31, Eminem kickin in !!!
  15. Swiftyy

    the oldest one i can find 20.07.2016
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