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  1. KuBu^

    Hello (special greetings to @MichaelMSC), my name is Andre. I have lived in Bulgaria for 20 years. I have been doing programming for 5 years, I have experience in this field, as I dare say I have experience in Petrol. I like many sports, my hobby is swimming, even during the summer season I work as a lifeguard on the beach in a very remote city from my current location. I love everyone and I am always laughing, cheerful and the least playful. I apply for you because I myself love the environment, the people around me for work and of course I like @MichaelMSC (as friends ... nothing more) I feel at home and when I'm at home surrounded by friends, family. I am on the server from the pre-dinosaur era and I hope to be a part of this family again. Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas. <3 <3 Char ID: 36684 Name: -|LR|-KuBu^ Score: 5436
  2. Nick: -|LR|-KuBu^ Powód: Czas na zmiane. Miło było tu byc, dziekuje! Zwolniony o 19:09 bez kary score, powodzenia w dalszej karierze i mam nadzieję że jeszcze kiedyś do nas wrócisz
  3. KuBu^

    Nick: -|LR|-KuBu^ Char ID: 36684 I think it's time to change things up a bit. Let me diversify. I'm glad I was part of this company. Fired 03.08.2019 at 10:51. Thanks for your involvement for our company. Good luck, we miss you//MichaelMSC
  4. KuBu^


    https://imgur.com/undefined https://imgur.com/undefine https://imgur.com/g8zHPno https://imgur.com/g8zHPn https://imgur.com/tumBRhM https://imgur.com/tumBRhMhttps://imgur.com/a/22yVPTn https://imgur.com/a/kzV3vLH https://imgur.com/a/RtDNYyQ https://imgur.com/3fCeQvI https://imgur.com/SMvJOhp https://imgur.com/B0V9YLE https://imgur.com/w1FPbYE https://imgur.com/79gL94G https://imgur.com/tumBRhM https://imgur.com/tumBRhM https://imgur.com/F0paBRk https://imgur.com/frbPn99 https://imgur.com/KkWtv3K https://imgur.com/cpK7k43 https://imgur.com/QH1LDtn https://imgur.com/P1PziSt https://imgur.com/4cdi2U4 https://imgur.com/woayph2 https://imgur.com/VbCizQh https://imgur.com/hwawhhI https://imgur.com/nfcwh74 https://imgur.com/ylaRhbE https://imgur.com/WYmeusl https://imgur.com/gmUzxof https://imgur.com/ySvzHp0 https://imgur.com/y2REecP https://imgur.com/W7TKmL2 https://imgur.com/jbdTtZV I'm sorry, but to show everything I've worked on, I have to send you such pictures!
  5. KuBu^

    Nick: -|LR|-KuBu Powód (opcjonalne): For variety as well as for rest. Zwolniony bez kary 26.01.2019r. o godz. 01:56 Dziękujemy za poświęcony nam czas i życzymy powodzenia w dalszej karierze //Cumster
  6. KuBu^

    Hello! my name is Andrey. I am from Bulgaria. 16 years. I do not speak good Polish, but the English are doing. :uszanowanie: