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  1. KuBu^

    I don't think privacy should be included here just because we are on a site where all these things are made for fun. It's true that everyone has a personal life, everyone has a job that they do for most of their day, they just can't always be online, regardless of the site or server, but in reality, the things that connect us to the server are actually the relax itself, in my opinion, no one plays with the power of the server and no one enters just because someone obliged him to do it. All this problem that is playing out nowadays, I don't think makes it special, because in the past there were many other painful problems. Yes, I would say that dixiklo is not one of the best police officers of our time, but for me he performs the detailed task assigned to him and every time he does not understand something, he will go to the site and find a solution for him, ALWAYS !!! I dare say it because I have spoken to him several times. It may be something rude and impulsive, he may not know as much Polish as the Polish president, but I have known my friend for 7 years and dare to say his punishment is unfair! This is my point of view! Everyone can please and respect everyone, but only the one who is able to be a person manages to maintain the respect he has earned... one is to commit a deliberate crime and then be punished for it, and it is quite another to commit the same crime, but without knowing that he committed the crime, living with that thought and expecting him to be a better cop. Dixiklo is not a man who will remain silent after something he has not done consciously, without knowing that what he is doing is wrong. He is a man of honor, I believe that what he did was for the simple reason that he did not know about him, it is time to believe in him .... see all those posts in which the boy tried to prove innocence all the time when I think carefully about the final decision, which I think will be right.
  2. KuBu^

    I doubt you are uploading this to the server because you do not see the nice things, but you only see the people who do them!
  3. Nick: -|LR|-KuBu^ Powód: Czas na zmiane. Miło było tu byc, dziekuje! Zwolniony o 19:09 bez kary score, powodzenia w dalszej karierze i mam nadzieję że jeszcze kiedyś do nas wrócisz
  4. KuBu^

    Nick: -|LR|-KuBu^ Char ID: 36684 I think it's time to change things up a bit. Let me diversify. I'm glad I was part of this company. Fired 03.08.2019 at 10:51. Thanks for your involvement for our company. Good luck, we miss you//MichaelMSC
  5. KuBu^


    https://imgur.com/undefined https://imgur.com/undefine https://imgur.com/g8zHPno https://imgur.com/g8zHPn https://imgur.com/tumBRhM https://imgur.com/tumBRhMhttps://imgur.com/a/22yVPTn https://imgur.com/a/kzV3vLH https://imgur.com/a/RtDNYyQ https://imgur.com/3fCeQvI https://imgur.com/SMvJOhp https://imgur.com/B0V9YLE https://imgur.com/w1FPbYE https://imgur.com/79gL94G https://imgur.com/tumBRhM https://imgur.com/tumBRhM https://imgur.com/F0paBRk https://imgur.com/frbPn99 https://imgur.com/KkWtv3K https://imgur.com/cpK7k43 https://imgur.com/QH1LDtn https://imgur.com/P1PziSt https://imgur.com/4cdi2U4 https://imgur.com/woayph2 https://imgur.com/VbCizQh https://imgur.com/hwawhhI https://imgur.com/nfcwh74 https://imgur.com/ylaRhbE https://imgur.com/WYmeusl https://imgur.com/gmUzxof https://imgur.com/ySvzHp0 https://imgur.com/y2REecP https://imgur.com/W7TKmL2 https://imgur.com/jbdTtZV I'm sorry, but to show everything I've worked on, I have to send you such pictures!
  6. KuBu^

    Nick: -|LR|-KuBu Powód (opcjonalne): For variety as well as for rest. Zwolniony bez kary 26.01.2019r. o godz. 01:56 Dziękujemy za poświęcony nam czas i życzymy powodzenia w dalszej karierze //Cumster
  7. KuBu^

    Hello! my name is Andrey. I am from Bulgaria. 16 years. I do not speak good Polish, but the English are doing. :uszanowanie: