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  1. RazwieGaming

    Thank you!
  2. RazwieGaming

    Hello Admins. I've got a question, If its right I got another account registered on my IP Adress. Is it possible to get one account deleted? Dont want to risk any ban. Thanks
  3. RazwieGaming

    Thats an idea, but this is to know all the birthdays
  4. RazwieGaming

    Happy birthday TheWitcher! - In this topic you can congratulate players.
  5. RazwieGaming

    Thank you, we'll meet for sure. Thanks :) Thank you, we'll meet on the roads.
  6. RazwieGaming

    After having some in-real issues, like had to go to the hospital and some more. I decided to come back to this wonderfull server, I can't login anymore with the account Razwie since I lost the password,but its alright I wasn't that high yet in the leaderboards. I'm looking forward to do some convoys and honking to you guys, Greetz Razwie <3