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Frg_BR last won the day on September 12 2019

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  1. Frg_BR

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  3. Frg_BR

    @DarXe, @NaimadSh e @$ Ebon, RT / Trailer set have been repaired are on the ASL base
  4. Frg_BR

    Hello ASL team. Write to remember that we have order # 1095 product with SCORE 90 to do, and to remember a little bit about our company regulation. https://truckers.com.pl/topic/22794-regulamin-firmy-company-rules/ 1. General regulations: 1.6 - Every employee who has the right score to send an order is obliged to bring it. Up to the present moment of this post we have performed 64.8% order # 1095, and everyone is able to do so. https://truckers.com.pl/topic/20058-zlecenia-firmowe-company-orders/ "" It doesn't matter how big the challenge is, what matters is the greatness of the union. "" Cordially. ASL Board of Directors Frg_BR Obs: Translate google, errors can occur.
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    11 / 10 for you @Lampard <3
  8. Frg_BR

    3,5 / 10
  9. Etyka jest absolutną prawdą. Moralność jest zmienną, zależną od kultury, którą każdy z...

    1. Lampard


      Coco Jambo i do przodu

  10. Sto lat! :D :urodzinki::birthday2:

  11. :uszanowanko: @Daniel10:wub:, Always flying very fast on MTA (PTS) roads:jazda3::firefirefire: