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Frg_BR last won the day on September 12 2019

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  1. Witam @JuanPablo72, you have been accepted into ASL, look for me, DarXe or Wersjon on the Server. @Marcelini, registration is not accepted by ADM ASL unfortunately: D good luck with the other PTS companies. Recruitment was closed, until another nap appears.
  2. Frg_BR

    Zlecenie #1118 Ministerstwo Firm zleca przewóz 2400t Geopolimeru score 2500(534) z Skład kamieni szlachetnych(111) do Zaplecze Biedronki AP (23) @Wersjon @Frg_BR @DarXe @NaimadSh @WiejskaPyra @SebGre @Radek @DonQ @CaverN Szczegóły kontraktu: Ilość towaru: 2400t Czas: do 13.03.2020 20:00 Wynagrodzenie: 170.000$ Kara: 255.000$
  3. Frg_BR

    i'm playing for another star for at least 100 score time in the week.
  4. Frg_BR

    Siema friends. Updating the mileage of the RoadTrain ASL, engine worked perfectly.
  5. Frg_BR

    Very beautiful location in Whetstone
  6. Frg_BR

  7. Frg_BR

    Kawa reset or not reset?
  8. Frg_BR

    @Lukasyno, thanks my friend ^.^
  9. Frg_BR

    @Pazdek, your set I saved the LV hangar, it's in the ASL base safe and sound.
  10. Frg_BR

    Loved being a PTS cop, but currently banned
  11. Frg_BR

  12. Frg_BR

    7 / 10
  13. :urodzinki:, feliz aniversário meu lindo, te amo KaroteeNAP:wub: <3


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