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Frg_BR last won the day on May 10

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    Curitiba/Paraná - Brasil

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  1. Congratulations happy Birthday 🎂🧁🍻

  2. Congratulations happy Birthday :friends:

  3. Frg_BR

  4. Frg_BR

  5. Frg_BR

    If I arrive at the right time for the event, I would like to participate too.
  6. Frg_BR

    @Wersjon- Moderatorzy serwera
  7. Frg_BR

  8. Frg_BR

    Somewhere in the PTS

    1. Sparrow


      this is only for attention we have real truck girl


  10. Siema all Today at around 10:10 pm, ReQu / TastelessSaddles24 players destroyed my RT set, unfortunately I couldn't get SS Id from each player
  11. Frg_BR

  12. Frg_BR

    Nick: Frg_BR Character's ID: 38086 Period of work: 08/08/2018 >>> 23/05/2020 Reason: Cansado. Mudanças repentinas que me dificulta falar com os outros jogadores, Wersjon , meu amigo espero ter ajuda um pouco você /ASL, minha norma ASL foi feita dessa semana. /Would you recommend AS? and is there anything we can improve on?/: Sim. ASL /// eu mesmo me liberei dia 23/05/2020 as 23h57/Frg_BR
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