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Kreator last won the day on August 26

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  1. Kreator

    Are you fed up and tired of having your "Cysterna" saved without doing anything productive? ¡¡THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, SELL THEM TO @Frg_BR OR ME!! We can buy it pretty fast You just have to contact us through the forum or on the server I appear as "Pisil" and we are both from the OT company ¡¡DON'T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY!!
  2. @O Criador🇲🇽, Happy birthday 🎂/ Feliz aniversário🎉🎊

  3. Kreator

    An Oil-Trax Leader (@Frg_BR) and Worker (Me) https://imgur.com/a/VrJq2m6
  4. Nick: Kreator Id postaci: 72940 Powód zwolnienia: I'm a bit busy going back to school and the truth is that at this time I got a bit bored, I miss taking trips, thank you Zaahain for giving me the opportunity, I hope I have not failed you Okres jaki został przepracowany: 15/06/2020 --- 24/08/20 Released at 02:15 without penalty, same as Carillo you were good worker. Good luck in school and have fun making trips on server, see you
  5. Kreator

    ¡Sprezedam domek wart 1kk! w Palomino Creek Cena: 700k (negocjować) Skontaktuj się ze mną na forum lub w grze Pseudonim: Pisil
  6. Kreator

    I can take a medic position if you want
  7. Kreator

    I want to try it :))
  8. Kreator

    Sprzedam RT + Burtowka!! good price , contact with me in Discord oniaZ#3389
  9. Kreator

  10. Kreator

    I want to try it
  11. Kreator

    With a PD friend
  12. Kreator

    Nick: Kreator ID: 72940 Reason (optionally): For almost 2 months I was working very hard to get the highest rank on fast promotion, but as we know, each action has its reaction, I got bored by this cause, I got tired of traveling from one place to another, now I want to try something calmer, something that doesn't have to be traveling from side to side all day Thank you for understanding and I wish all my petrol colleagues the best of luck and thanks to the bosses Niventill and Jeder for having given me an opportunity to be part of this important company. The set i left it 100% diesel, I made an order to PD to repair it, since in the time I was on the server no PD was connected. Thanks for read Attentively: Kreator Released at 20:16 CEST.
  13. Kreator

    Nick: Kreator (SFK) Lokalizacja pojazdu: Main base Petrol (FC - LV) Usługa: Repair Dowód wpłaty w postaci SS: https://imgur.com/a/EKe3I7x Data porzucenia pojazdu: 11-06-2020 10:47 Powód wyjścia z serwera: ---
  14. Kreator

    Team Name: Narco's Team Nick: Kreator Nick: #Carrillo
  15. Kreator

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