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  1. MrJhin

    Good luck to you Parker and the company in specific I wish you a resounding success Greetings of: Mexicano
  2. feliz aniversario , você é o melhor amigo e eu te amo muito

    :urodzinki: :urodzinki: :urodzinki:


    1. Frg_BR


      Obrigado Nap Jhin : D


    2. MrJhin


      go go go server :D 

  3. MrJhin

  4. MrJhin

    Nick : Mexicano Nombre del personaje : MrJhin oniaZ ID : 72940
  5. ;*

    1. MrJhin


      Hi Karito nap ban  ;* apelaje od kar :D . 
      i have Tanker , Burtowka , BMX and Wayfarer :D

  6. Hello again MERO, DarXe and Wersjon I have already experienced a lot of time inside Truckerzy and I want to return to the company that I have loved and liked most in all the time I've been on the server, they already know my name, but for those who do not know it, it's Diego Eduardo Pisil, everyone knows my age is 14, I live in "Mexico" hence my name "Mexicano", I am very addicted to video games of trucks and shots, I'm about to finish my high school, ASL was always the company that I liked the most, that was my first company, and now here is my best friend, Frg_BR, I think it's all from my side and with great appreciation he spoke to them again "Mexicano" Nick : Mexicano Staz : 2 years with pauses Score : 830+ Last company : AS Logistic (This company). Email : mrsniperos2@gmail.com Discord : MrJhin#3389 Attentively: Mexicano. Kisses from part of : Mexicano
  7. Happy Birthday KonDziqq <3 :D 

  8. MrJhin

    nap was removed of 750sc xD
  9. MrJhin

    @Frg_BREl dios de el servidor con 15k sc
  10. MrJhin

    The ex-policeman who was always connected XD
  11. MrJhin

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/oniaZ/ Rocket League : Rank 2 vs 2 : Diamond 3
  12. MrJhin

    Nick: Mexicano ID: 72940 Puntuación: 600 Prácticas: 2 years ¿Por qué quieres probar?: I want to know what is the route on the side of the police, experience what it feels like to be the police
  13. MrJhin

    Nick: MrJhin ID del personaje: 72940 Periodo de trabajo: 02-05-2019 -- 25-05-2019 Razon: Thank you very much to all of the company for giving me another opportunity to be in this beautiful company that is AS Logistic But now I want to experiment in other places Thanks AS Logistic <3 //Zwolniony o 19:20 dnia 25.05.2019, bez kary sc //MERO
  14. MrJhin

    @Karot oof Karot nap , Te amo <3 Ha Gay!! i miss you </3