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  1. #Carrillo.

  2. #Carrillo.

    Nick: #Carrillo. ID postaci: 6468 Imię i nazwisko postaci: Pablo Carrillo
  3. #Carrillo.

    Hello A&T, I introduce myself: Im Pablo Carrillo Nick: #Carrillo. ID: 6468 Score: 2390+ I would like to belong to this company because I've seen that it is a company with an incredible development on the server and also they have a large, very active and pleasant community, I'm a responsible person, I've fulfilled all my duties in my previous jobs, such as It has been in factions like PD, Pogo. Companies like ASL, Petrol and Oil Trax. I'm willing to follow the rules and comply with the standard, I'm a good man and I have no problem with any player on the server, I can get along with everyone as long as they treat me well. I'm not a person of many words but I'm very curious haha, so I will learn and ask everything necessary to be a good worker. Thanks for the attention, I will be attentive to an answer.
  4. Chciałbyś mieć własne skórki lub mieć możliwość kupowania ubrań w PTS?

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    2. Masiej


      but the skins will drop from cases like in cs:go, after payday everyone would open some cases and record it on youtube "HELLO GUYS TODAY I'LL OPEN 100 CASES ON PTS HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY PLEASE LEAVE A LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE" it's amazing i'm down for it

    3. #Carrillo.


      But look at that good idea, now pts players can be youtubers 

    4. Karot
  5. #Carrillo.

    Nick: #Carrillo. ID Postaci: 6468 Okres Pracy: 10.11.2020 - 04.01.2021 || Ranga Mechanik Powód (opcjonalne): Będzie mi brakowało tej drużyny Thank you for your service Mr. Montoya. I hope see you again on San Andreas roads. Best wishes for uncle Brian! Zwolniony dnia 05.01.2020 godz. 10:31 z karą score -20%.//MichaelMSC
  6. Czy chciałbyś zobaczyć starą mapę po naciśnięciu klawisza F11?

  7. #Carrillo.

    Only deathmatchhhhh
  8. #Carrillo.

    Nick: #Carrillo. Time of absence: 27.11 - 7.12 Cause: Pc troubles
  9. #Carrillo.

    Vehicle model: Sabre Owner of vehicle and company: Prawniczek number plate: PRACUS Date of found: 19.11.2020 ScreenShot: https://imgur.com/a/MwIMj30
  10. #Carrillo.

    Nick from game: #Carrillo. Character ID: 6468 Name and Surname: Pablo Carrillo (alias tortillo)
  11. #Carrillo.

    Nick: #Carrillo. ID: 6468 Score: 2648 Greetings. My name is Juan Pablo and I would like to belong to the PD faction, Im interested in being part of this team and helping the other players, Im a good worker and partner, honest and responsible, I've belonged to the Pogotowie faction and I have been in several companies, I have already read the rules and duties, Im completely willing to receive order and comply with the standard. Thanks for your attention and I await your response.
  12. Co chcieliby zobaczyć zaimplementowane na serwerze? 🤔

    1. Bambosz


      Waga co 500 metrów.

  13. #Carrillo.

    Nick: #Carrillo. Id postaci: 6468 Powód zwolnieniaI: It's time to make a change, I thank the team for the good times and the great work environment, it was an excellent experience to be here, thanks to the colleagues who helped me and the boss for accepting me here from day one, one day we will be again in the same team ♥ ️ Okres jaki został przepracowany: 19.06.20 - 22.08.20 Released at 21:12 without penalty, you were good worker see you soon
  14. Który kraj chciałbyś odwiedzić?




    Próbowałeś kolumbijskiej kokainy?