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O d1x1kl0BG

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  1. d1x1kl0BG

    Nice to meet you, Mr. @Zaahain An anpplication for Emergency fraction. Hello, my name is Unsi, im 15years old and im from Bulgaria. I want to try in this Fraction. I like this server and this fraction called "Pogotowie". I've played for quite some time on the server and I'm familiar with its capabilities. So far I have not been in any faction, but I will learn - I get used quickly. I accept advice and criticism. I guess people here will be good, decent and nice people. I was in AS Logistic for 6weeks. I think I'd like to be a emergency worker. I will do my best. I am a calm, pleasant and just man. I like to deal with the server during my free time. I like the job of emergency workers and I would like to try and I, respectively, to give in to the max! I will try to prove myself as a good person. I will be as fair as possible to people and will not divide them into the ranks. If you give me a chance, I will be grateful to you and will not waste my chance. I also love in my spare time, except playing on the server, and going out with friends, playing sports, most often playing soccer, but often riding a bicycle. I can speak English, but I'm learning Polish now. I have little knowledge of Polish. I want this server to become even more popular. MTA is an old game, but gold. This server is good and nice! Pogotowie its a nice fraction and my friend is in this fraction. He can help me and he like this fraction! This server is realistic and I like that! I think I will be useful. I can spend my free time in the server. Goodbye and let the power be with you Thanks a lot, Greetings, Unsi (dixiklo.) Miłego dnia Nickname: -|LR|-DIXIKlO Score: 590 Char ID: 72430
  2. d1x1kl0BG

    Nick: -|LR|-*DIXIKlO* ID postaci: 72430 Okres pracy: 31.12.2018 - 04.2.2019 Powód: I want to be in Frakcje, isnt funny for me to make courses. Sorry. //Dismissed 05 .02.2019 - 16:06 /Wersjon
  3. d1x1kl0BG

    #include <hambeer> RegisterHamBeer(HamBeer_Spawn, "player", "GivePlayerBeer", 1); public GivePlayerBeer(Pl){ if(!is_user_alive(Pl)){ ham_give_beer(Pl, 5) client_print(Pl, print_chat, "Go Go Go"){ } Dixiklo wants a beer