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  1. dixiklo.

    1. I joined, but some things happened and I didn't have much time & interest, it had a reason. It wasn't sleeping and I didn't tell that it was sleep 2. I accept no, but when it is not a lie - he lies and his behavior was under every critic, not mine. 3. I don't know why this topic about the smugglings is there, but I explained it because I don't want somebody to discuss anything which I think Isn't only my error 4. He didn't give me a chance, he asked me questions, told that I'm funny, I told him that he is too (not in bad meaning) and he removed me. Is this a chance - his rude behavior went outside every border, my behavior was good. Why did he tell me that I'm funny when he doesn't know the situation? 5. I said sorry 6. I spammed because Boleslaw wrote in the forum that I have bad behavior, which isn't correct. Adix did this too, without a real reason and I took screenshots on everything. [TC]Adix & [TC]Boleslaw don't want me in TC? It isn't only that. 7. I don't act like a kid, Boleslaw did it. 8. I trusted you but when he told me that you told no and you in discord told me other, I didn't believe that Moderator & Boss of TC could lie, but you were right and I believe in you. - I get it this discrimination, just remove from the blacklist and remove your edit of my post in "Dolacz do nas", because all that was your lies of a grown-up man. This "you didn't grow up yet" - only lies which you try to defend yourself. Not Dibakso, but boleslaw and adix. I get it, you want to defend your boss, but this time he broke the glass, adix too. To prove myself, I can send screenshots & rendaka and erol can confirm that I was playing with Omega and I called rendaka & erol on the server and helped them to understand the mod of the server. But Rendaka, sorry... It's still bad not only in English, but into the computer & PTS commands too, because they are in Polish. So I posted a blip instead of him and I only told AS Logistic base, rendaka's truck and gave 500 because I was tired and having fun with @Om_Ega, who can confirm the situation.
  2. dixiklo.

    You tried to insult me and you wanted to make mad, but you couldn't. - https://prnt.sc/qymltn - https://prnt.sc/qymmkg https://prnt.sc/qymmpv I don't know why are you trying to make it secret when you are in wrong, not me and you tell that I have bad behavior. You have the last word but bakso has too word and you lie for his opinion and vote. But it isn't the only reason for that I report you
  3. dixiklo.

    I don't see bad behavior here. Show all the chats, you mentioned the topic about the smugglings and I explained to you. Because when you tell any wrong for me, I explain to you. Again, I don't see insult or bad behavior here. But if you want, you can see my pics and see your behavior there. Greetings.
  4. dixiklo.

    No, I didn't discuss the smuggling, you mentioned it! You was talking to me like to an animal. And no, I don't do anything wrong, my behavior was good. Dibakso didn't say no, you lie. Proof: https://prnt.sc/qxjp9i ; ; https://image.prntscr.com/image/0Zuwo0L7Sh2Sh899RX6hLg.png ; https://image.prntscr.com/image/C49uAWA9SXKBotlSReMY4g.png I joined and you started with your bad behavior and opinion from me and after that tell that my behavior is bad.
  5. dixiklo.

    Reasons: - Lie - Being mad & toxic. Also, insults - discrimination He is mad of me much time ago, but 2 days ago his behavior went beyond all the borders. I applied for the Technical Crew and the next day of my application he added me in a discord group called "Technical Crew". There he asked me questions and the topic was about my 1000 score penalty which I don't agree with it, because: - There is no rule in the police statute, so I can't know for it; - My lesson was really different and he was mad and angry when he tested me and he didn't tell me anything about smugglings in bases, and almost nothing! I taught 80% of my work in police from myself - from working. And I was for the first time in the Police fraction, so I can't know everything. And I didn't hide the firm or the player (he swears me, how can I defend him :?) - I gave tickets & removed the cargo, but I didn't know that I must write to an admin. After that, I told that I don't agree with him, I'm not a bad human and I wanted to get proved not only in the server but in the police fraction too and I really wanted to drive an elegy, these are many reasons for which I don't want to make errors, but the first lesson in Police was too important. He told that I'm a bad player & told that I'm funny and mentioned my appeal topics for the firing. After that, I told him that he is funnier because his behavior was very unfriendly and bad. After that in PM he tried to insult me in Polish, he was writing to me in Polish, after that, I started in Bulgarian, but I wasn't swearing. You can translate my words: "Разбираш ли ме" = "Do you understand me" and etc. He was lying that my behavior is bad, but he insulted me & being toxic. Now, I'm again on the blacklist because he hates me and this is discrimination, also he is Moderator. Also, he told the lie that DiBakso said no, but he didn't say anything and he wasn't against me After that, he blocked me in Discord and wrote in the forum that I have bad behavior and he mentioned me appeal topics... Moderator? Now, some proofs (he removed me from the group, so I don't have from the group, but I have in PM: https://prnt.sc/qxcdof https://prnt.sc/qxce4s https://prnt.sc/qxcdti https://prnt.sc/qxcdz5 https://prnt.sc/qxcfg7 https://prnt.sc/qxcfo6 https://prnt.sc/qxcfsk https://prnt.sc/qxcfzb - - Bon appetite!
  6. dixiklo.

    Nap from Mecha
  7. dixiklo.

  8. dixiklo.

    What do you think about the new images^^ - Zwolnienia, rekrutacja & everything
  9. dixiklo.

    When eroBG wants to see why this elegy is such a fast and good for drift car
  10. dixiklo.

    fajny admin
  11. dixiklo.

    Okay, I will talk free, please don't get it as insulting or being mad, I just want to help and give my opinion, because I called friends days ago and I know their opinion too. So, as you see the new players can't understand the mod and you should add any messages or HUD messages (shouting) or menu when joining - From Burrito to Roadtrain. I mean, how to start engine, lights, blinkers, how to load, unload and etc. Probably, explaining why the truck is better than the Burrito, also show everything which is on the server. The reason is that 90% of the new members can't understand good 100% of the server and some of them leave, others troll, don't know to play and left after an hour playing. Nobody from the new players will add vehicles, roads and etc. by themselves. Let's say Mr. X and Mr. Y didn't like the server when they joined, but when I showed it to them step by step they started playing. I mean for Rendaka and eroBG. As I know them, they would play only 1 hour and left, but no - instead of that they played 3 hours and made 20 score and they will continue playing because there is anybody to show them and "open their eyes". Also, I told them that they can join a firm and buy a house and a car. Now, this is one of the reasons why they play on this server. Again not only my opinion but their too - Will police see the player's tachograph? I think now it's OK because police have work and It's hard to find smuggling if I'm right and police will see every time this Tachograph it will be very easy to find smuggling and overloads. Now It's real because in real life everybody can hide anything . If you add this, again I think new players aren't going to join the server, only old players from 2015-2016. Now It's enough real and better than every time. Just you can add more works too, like car seller (I have the mod) and "Паяк" or "Spider" (https://prnt.sc/qqf1vo) - you go in LV on one blip, get the job, you will see a red blip on the map... Attach the vehicle (sometimes car, sometimes motorcycle) and go back and continue working. When you're done just go on the blip again and finish the jobs and say Welcome to your cash. That's the car seller https://prnt.sc/qqf2pw - again blip, start working, many cars, trying to sell cars and get 400$ per sold car (you can change it). The new players like new things, they like many things, not only truckers mod which is really great, but they can't know that because nobody can explain it to them step by step. I was lucky because KuBu showed me everything step by step when I joined for the first time in this server. I will tell again, don't get it as an advertisement, insult or anything else. It's just my opinion and the new players' too. Greetings.
  12. dixiklo.

    I think "Tachograph" isn't needed. You can think about a new firm and maybe HD roads, new things from the Map Editor, too.
  13. dixiklo.

    Hello, I would like to give my opinion here and I hope I will get understood correctly. - It isn't needed. - Really NO! This is a bad idea, this is GTA and 8-10 minutes for a course is enough (loading, traveling, unloading). Let's take a look at Euro Truck Simulator 2 - One course of 400 km. is done for about 20-25 minutes in REAL. - 50/50. - I agree with it. - I don't agree with it. I think it's OK now, but you can add more things. You should add extras, new loading zones, you can add a mod for HD Roads and etc. This is a game and it don't need to be too much real like 45 minutes traveling. I think now it is more than OK.
  14. dixiklo.

    With Master @Lemon.
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