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  1. dixiklo.

    fajny admin
  2. dixiklo.

    Okay, I will talk free, please don't get it as insulting or being mad, I just want to help and give my opinion, because I called friends days ago and I know their opinion too. So, as you see the new players can't understand the mod and you should add any messages or HUD messages (shouting) or menu when joining - From Burrito to Roadtrain. I mean, how to start engine, lights, blinkers, how to load, unload and etc. Probably, explaining why the truck is better than the Burrito, also show everything which is on the server. The reason is that 90% of the new members can't understand good 100% of the server and some of them leave, others troll, don't know to play and left after an hour playing. Nobody from the new players will add vehicles, roads and etc. by themselves. Let's say Mr. X and Mr. Y didn't like the server when they joined, but when I showed it to them step by step they started playing. I mean for Rendaka and eroBG. As I know them, they would play only 1 hour and left, but no - instead of that they played 3 hours and made 20 score and they will continue playing because there is anybody to show them and "open their eyes". Also, I told them that they can join a firm and buy a house and a car. Now, this is one of the reasons why they play on this server. Again not only my opinion but their too - Will police see the player's tachograph? I think now it's OK because police have work and It's hard to find smuggling if I'm right and police will see every time this Tachograph it will be very easy to find smuggling and overloads. Now It's real because in real life everybody can hide anything . If you add this, again I think new players aren't going to join the server, only old players from 2015-2016. Now It's enough real and better than every time. Just you can add more works too, like car seller (I have the mod) and "Паяк" or "Spider" (https://prnt.sc/qqf1vo) - you go in LV on one blip, get the job, you will see a red blip on the map... Attach the vehicle (sometimes car, sometimes motorcycle) and go back and continue working. When you're done just go on the blip again and finish the jobs and say Welcome to your cash. That's the car seller https://prnt.sc/qqf2pw - again blip, start working, many cars, trying to sell cars and get 400$ per sold car (you can change it). The new players like new things, they like many things, not only truckers mod which is really great, but they can't know that because nobody can explain it to them step by step. I was lucky because KuBu showed me everything step by step when I joined for the first time in this server. I will tell again, don't get it as an advertisement, insult or anything else. It's just my opinion and the new players' too. Greetings.
  3. dixiklo.

    I think "Tachograph" isn't needed. You can think about a new firm and maybe HD roads, new things from the Map Editor, too.
  4. dixiklo.

    Hello, I would like to give my opinion here and I hope I will get understood correctly. - It isn't needed. - Really NO! This is a bad idea, this is GTA and 8-10 minutes for a course is enough (loading, traveling, unloading). Let's take a look at Euro Truck Simulator 2 - One course of 400 km. is done for about 20-25 minutes in REAL. - 50/50. - I agree with it. - I don't agree with it. I think it's OK now, but you can add more things. You should add extras, new loading zones, you can add a mod for HD Roads and etc. This is a game and it don't need to be too much real like 45 minutes traveling. I think now it is more than OK.
  5. dixiklo.

    With Master @Lemon.
  6. dixiklo.

    https://bg-radio.org/the-voice/ the voice https://bg-radio.org/veselina-99-1/# veselina
  7. dixiklo.

  8. dixiklo.

    Nick: D!xiklo. Imię i nazwisko postaci: DreaM40 Bulgaria ID postaci: 72430
  9. dixiklo.

    [The Drift Masters] with @WiejskaPyra. Thank you for the chance for drifting with elegy and for twin driving. Peace
  10. dixiklo.

    Nick: D!xiklo. ID: 72430 Score: - 1000 Okres pracy: - 07.12.2019 - 04.01.2020 Powod: I'm bored of making score, I want to work in fraction. Thanks for my chance and my approving from my ex. boss and nap @Om_Ega, thanks for giving hand for help when iI need it. Also, thanks for ReD for respecting that this week I couldn't make the norm. I talked with Omega that I will leave this week from one of the best firms in PTS and he approved that. Thank you again guys, I will always respect Mecha! Thanks for playing. Fired at 15:55. //ReD
  11. @inspektor@Pawelo@Lemon. Why+my+appeal+is+closed+without+replies,+because+you+don't+want+to+give+me+back+this+score,+because+the+penalty+was+stupid?

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    2. AdiX1234


      V. Kary: (V. Penalties:)

      d) Kara za ułatwianie graczom łamania przepisów ( tj. łamanie przepisów drogowych, informowanie o pozycji policjantów, zezwalanie na przemyty/przeładowania itd.) lub łamanie przepisów ruchu drogowego samemu

      (d) Penalty for letting players break rules (breaking road rules, informing about officer's position, letting for smugglings/overload etc.) or breaking road rules by yourself

      Od 750 do 1000 score w zależności od powagi (przewinienia)

      From 750 to 1000 score according to the "weight" of "crime"

    3. dixiklo.


      I wasn't breaking road rules, informing about officer's position and I WASN'T let for SMUGGLINGS or overloads. So this penalty is stupid and without a real reason.

    4. Lemon.


      Line 588: [2019-11-10 11:08:31] MSG: D1XI to Seb: I foudn 2 smgglins there but I told only to wersjon for the second time
          Line 590: [2019-11-10 11:08:38] MSG: D1XI to Seb: I'm checking the base because im nap
          Line 592: [2019-11-10 11:08:45] MSG: D1XI to Seb: If vanil come and see 2 smugglings what
          Line 593: [2019-11-10 11:08:49] MSG: D1XI to Seb: 300k ticket for the firm


      Its the last post from me and I think from other admins/players. 

  12. dixiklo.

    Nick: dixiklo Hello, about my penalty of 1000 score: https://truckers.com.pl/topic/23155-odrzuconadixiklo/ - There is no rule about smugglings in bases in the police statute, so I can't know for it. - Was it needed to take this STUPID penalty, because you, Mr. @inspektor told me that you will see the logs and see the things, but NaimadSh removed me on the same day with the penalty of 1000 score [He was just a minister, H.T.Simple is the boss]. He removed me without reading my PM to him, without having any good proofs or just he don't want my opinion and my thinking - https://prnt.sc/qg3sa1 - There is no rule about smugglings in bases in the police statute, so I can't know for it. - Was it needed to take this STUPID penalty, because you, Mr. @inspektor told me that you will see the logs and see the things, but NaimadSh removed me on the same day with the penalty of 1000 score [He was just a minister, H.T.Simple was the boss. He removed me without reading my PM to him, without having any good proofs or just he don't want my opinion and my thinking Polski Truckerski Serwer [Odrzucona]dixiklo. Mr. @inspektor, @H.T.Simple,I want to ask why Mr. @NaimadSh removed me from the police with taking 1000 score without seeing my PM, without wanting my appeals and my opinion. So maybe I would get a warning because I didn't know for this and there is no rule in the statute - I'm not GOD to know everything! Sorry, but I'm not p***y to hide somebody or something, at least player who flame me! (Koper3D). I'm not hiding smuggling, I was checking every base and I've seen ASL and I gave tickets, there is no rule in the police statute so I don't know for it. Now I'm sad about that penalty and I'm disappointed by this! Let's see some other penalties: - https://prnt.sc/qi6jhf - https://prnt.sc/qi6kwp - https://prnt.sc/qi6l05 - 500 score for these things, 1000 for anything which isn't in the statute and I didn't know for it. Good job Naimad! - https://prnt.sc/qi6l9b - https://prnt.sc/qi6leh - https://prnt.sc/qi6lh1 - https://prnt.sc/qi6lnr - https://prnt.sc/qi6ltn - more??! Other, last time I didn't get proved by why the penalty was active, why was needed to take me 1000 score when I didn't know for this thing - you give me penalty for anything which isn't in the police statute - I can't know for it. So I want to get proved, get back the 1000 score and if It's possible to be back in the police on the same rank. Thank you.
  13. OK, the new vote started. 1/3 votes for @KuBu^.
  14. dixiklo.

    Ok, when you can play, guys?
  15. 1. I live in Sheynovo, Kazanlak, Bulgaria and I'm 16 (14 april - 17) 2. I have 5 cats & Pitbull Red nose called Dominik. 3. Maybe I will try to study in Sofia. Thanks for the questions, I'm waiting for more, everybody feel free to ask.