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    Oficer, początkujący na map edytor & AS nap.
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  1. dixiklo.

    Thank you for your opinion.
  2. Created by: Dixiklo & Kubu Clip: Thanks for your time, @Liq and "GRACZE"! ==Legendary Racers Official==
  3. dixiklo.

  4. dixiklo.

    The player got hit from the lamp, but the traffic light is because the road to the Airport is closed and it's one lane. Also, I removed the original traffic light and I've changed it to this one. Do you like it @Liq
  5. Hello there! *See the plates! There is my nickname, @NaimadSh's & @H.T.Simple's. They are in the situation. The Story: I tried to stop anybody, but I needed help. I called NaimadSh & H.T.Simple and they come and help. Naimad went in front of the player and blocked him, but H.T.Simple shot him before that with me. After that, he died and we told the medic for this player, we stopped him and "Don't heal him". After that, he wasn't Polish or English person and Naimad came to help me. We tried to use a translator (This story isn't real) Screens: Thanks, greetings from me.
  6. Trucking Stream #2 


  7. dixiklo.

    Sprzedam Clovera, Kupie Taxi! Oferty PW Akceptuje i wymiane. Clover - 310 000$ || Kolor: purporuwy.
  8. Happy Birthday! :)


    1. Wersjon


      Thanks nap <3

  9. Hello, Ex. Boss! You was a great boss, when I was in PD you showed me everything. My first faction was yours. I had a good time there, thank you for your time.  See you on the server! <3

  10. dixiklo.

    Thank you, see ya
  11. dixiklo.

    @Om_Ega nap can you give me your mod for RT?