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  1. dixiklo.

    Fresh, http://radiofresh.bg/freshplayernew/
  2. dixiklo.

    Sprzedam RT + Burtowka. Zapraszam na PW.
  3. dixiklo.

    Nick : Dixiklo. ID : 72430 Datą dołączenia : 07.12.2019
  4. The team will be closed soon because I haven't the same feelings in PTS.
  5. dixiklo.

    Nick: Dixiklo > @Lemon. Reason: Warning. I want to complain about the following warning: The post wasn't outside the topic, it was about NaimadSh, who is an administrator and It's mentioned in the first post by @Sonny91, also and my opinion for him. Maybe the reason is another, maybe you hate me :? Anything outside the topic for @Pawelo & @inspektor. I'm waiting for an admin's response for my warning by Lemon.
  6. dixiklo.

    I can agree with @Sonny91. Also, I want to add anything for NaimadSh - the administrator of the firms. He removed me from the police with the penalty of 1000 score, without having any warnings in the warnings' topic in the police forum. @inspektor told me that he will see that I gave tickets to the ASL player and Wersjon can confirm that I wrote to him about the smugglings. There isn't a rule in the police statute, so I can't know that this is forbidden and I need to write to an admin. It wasn't in the lesson too. Now I'm waiting for the Pawelo's response - ok. But I talked with the police boss and now I know that Naimad left the police and after 2 days he takes action instead of the boss. Ok, I know - that's not forbidden, because he is the minister of the factions, but I know the reason why he did it - because maybe he hates me. Okay, why I got a penalty of 1000 score when I was in the police for 2 months, this happened before so much time and I got removed with the biggest penalty? I respect some of the administrators, who practise their work correctly. Greetings from me.
  7. dixiklo.

    I won't stop writing and I won't close the topic because that rule isn't in the statute and I didn't knew about it! I told to the firm boss and I thought it's enough. I want to ask you something, why nobody told me that during the lesson or the test? How I can know for a rule which isn't in the statute? See the other posts! I'm not hiding ASL or Koper3D who was swearing me. If you open your eyes, you will see the screenshots with swearing!! About the Swiftyy's post - he don't join in the server, he join 1 time per 2 weeks and write here without knowing the situations? He just wants to be good in admins' eyes, I know some things for him, wrongs in police... If he is trying to write wrong this about me without knowing the situations and joining one time per 2-3 weeks, this is stupid! Why this rule isn't in the police statute? Why It isn't talked during the lesson? The server rules are too much and in 30 sections! This rule is too important, why you didn't set it first or in the statute? People on other posts tried to show you the situations, they respect me, liked my posts and told that I'm not lying! I don't deserve this penalty and I won't accept it before I get proved!!
  8. dixiklo.

    I'm a policeman, no minister of the firms. During the lesson nobody told me about these things. How I can know that I need to contact to admin when I see smuggling in any base? I'm waiting for Pawelo's response, not yours! And I don't show emotions in my post, open your eyes. Also, why that rule isn't in the statute?
  9. dixiklo.

    I didn't knew about this rule & I know how to report, but there was no admin online I think. And how I can know that its forbidden and what's the reason to call admin when I gave tickets and told to the firm boss, how I can know that I need to report to admin?
  10. dixiklo.

    I want to add that I haven't warnings here and there are no rule in the statute, so I didn't knew about the smugglings in bases. The minister of the firms removed me before knowing the sittuation and the inspector told me that he will watch the logs and he haven't time, but at the same night I were removed with 1000 score penalty! Greetings.
  11. dixiklo.

    I can't agree with that! My punishment was 1 week without working in the police. And my test was different because when I was in the server I saw you are explaining everything step by step to others, I studied 70% of the panel from myself. Ok, the test was good, I understood everything, but you didn't told me anything for smugglings in bases! Nowhere is written anything about smugglings in bases, I didn't knew that I need to tell to admin, I gave tickets and I told to the firm boss. Also, you know about the only punishment when I was angry, the day was hard for me and everything was good. Did you see any other wrong for those 2 months? No. So, removing without 2 warnings with 1000 score penalty is too bad and you aren't 100 sure that I did it on purpose with 100% knowing that that is forbidden! @inspektor told me that he will watch the ticket logs, but you fired me before that. Btw, why you left the police when you will take action instead of the General Inspektor? Administrator @Pawelo, I will show the things from the beginning, from my joining in this faction. I got accepted, the lesson started. Ok, I understood everything but, Naimad and nobody told me anything for the smugglings in bases and what I need to do! I'm for the first time in the police and I need an explanation for the smugglings in bases and anything WHICH ISN'T IN THE RULES OR IN THE STATUTE. @KuBu^ told me helped me before my joining in the police and he can confirm that I'm not lying and I'm not a troller. He helped me from some things, but he didn't told me about smuggling in bases. I didn't knew that I need to write to admin, instead I gave tickets and wrote to the firm boss. Really sorry, but I can accept anything which I didn't on my knowing! Ok, I got the lesson and started working. After some hours, I understood all the panel and my work, I practice it good, but I really didn't knew for smugglings in base. I saw kkubakks and naimad checking the bases and I checked them too, but I didn't knew that admin need to know about the smugglings. Nowhere is written anything about smugglings in bases! I didn't knew about it. @KuBu^ can confirm that I'm not lying and I'm regular player. He can confirm that I didn't knew that I need to tell to admin when I see smugglings in bases. If I hide any firm, I won't check it or if I see smuggling, I won't give tickets, I won't remove the cargo and I won't write to the firm boss!! For two months working, some of the teammates know that every time I check bases and If I know that there is smuggling, I won't check them and I won't give tickets. I showed you Koper3D's behavior and I haven't a reason to hide him! I got the test from @H.T.Simple and if he good opinion for me, I want to show it tell that I'm not a bad person and I'm not lying.. In the Statute isn't rule that I need to write to admin when I see smugglings in bases so I didn't knew for it. Instead, I gave tickets and I told to the firm boss. If I get proved, I want to join back in the police at the same rank and without removing score. I really love the police and I want to get a proved and respected person. Greetings Mr. Pawelo, inspektor & vanilliovsky. EDIT: Also, this happened before the test I think and I was quite new, I didn't knew for this rule, because it isn't in the statute.
  12. dixiklo.

    Honest answer? You have it. Hiding smuggling in the base - I saw Koper3D on foot like first time his truck was outside the base with smuggling, but there was a van, it was loading, maybe he would take it outside. I gave tickets, remove the cargo, jail...The Second time truck inside the base, it was parked - I gave ticket, jail, remove the cargo and I wrote to Wersjon. I thinked that he will remove him and do everything necessary. About messages, Some players tried to insult me and I told to Darxe for that too. I mean, if I see smuggling inside the base I give the ticket and write to the firm Boss, he will do everything necessary. Seb - I told him too, to prove myself that I'm not bad. I'm a nap of ASL? That's 50/50 true. The reason is that I respect only the boss and 3-4 members. But I never will hide smugglings, If I will hide they will tell me and I won't check the base, without tickets or anything! Also, my lesson was maybe different. I teached 40% of the things from myself, I teached the panel by myself, some of the rules. When we finished the lesson, I saw other lessons. Everything is different, soo many texts, information and etc. If anybody told me that I need to write to somebody else, including the Boss I would write it. Also, I want to ask why I get removed without having warnings with the penalty of 1000 score for first wrong which I did it without my knowing? The police workers can prove that I'm regular player and we everytime communicate who will check the players and the bases! If I'm lying, will I give tickets to my friends and my ex. clanmates? Sorry @Pawelo, but you understand me wrong! I mean, if Vanil come and see may he can give a bigger ticket, but when I come I just need to give a ticket and write to the boss, he will remove him with a penalty? You can ask Simple, he told me that I got the test very well and for the little time spending in police I really love it and I'd love to continue working there and get a respected officer, but I got removed on the same day, without taking any answers, questions or anything. First wrong - ok, may I can get a warning (because I did it for first time and I didn't knew for it, I didn't knew that is necessary to write to admin), because nobody told me that! All the rules are in Polish and often I read them with a translator. I have a little knowledge of Polish, but that isn't enough! I really wanted to prove here, but I'm aren't understood correctly! Everywhere where I been, every project which I created, everywhere I was respected and a regular person. That's a pity! I wanted to be respected and drive an elegy at any time, get a respected officer and be in convoys! Greetings.
  13. dixiklo.

    No, I didn't. I didn't because I don't want to to these things and I'm not hiding any smuggling. I gave tickets and I didn't knew that I need to write to admin too. I wrote to the firm boss and I thinked its enough. The firm boss can confirm that, I think from my 2 month staying in the police @H.T.Simple think me for good and regular player, who isn't lying. I gave tickets and removed all the cargo, I explained the situations. After that when we did double I told to my boss that I saw smuggling and I gave tickets and that's it?? Also, when naimad when gave me the lesson told that, when I haven't warning I will accept my remove with not 1000, but with 2000 score!!!!
  14. dixiklo.

    No, nobody didn't told me for that.
  15. dixiklo.

    My first lesson was from NaimadSh, my test was from H.T.Simple and I got it. I think these things need to be said at the lesson I can tell more things, I'm not trying to be rude, but this is unrespectable from the administrators. Greetings Mr. @Pawelo. Edit: @Pawelo, I think that these things need to be sayed at the lesson, when I joined first time in the police.