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  1. dixiklo.

    New carrr (pic from yesterday) BMW e30 - clover
  2. dixiklo.

    [ Sprzedam Nebula ] Kupiłem samochód za 180 000$, Daję to za 140 000$. I bought the Nebula for 180 000$ || I sell the Nebula for 140 000$ CAR = SOLD! [ Sprzedam dom ] Dom wart: 250 000$ Sprzedam za 190 000$ El Quebrados (I need to sell this house FAST) More screens (IN THE HOUSE): https://imgur.com/a/TLy6iod
  3. dixiklo.

    Maybe this is a problem for the mobile version, but for Windows... This is a very fast browser with adblocker. @Wersjon, Hope you try it. It's a very fast browser with adblocker. Greetings, d!xiklo.
  4. dixiklo.

    Greetings from us! With: @Karot
  5. dixiklo.

  6. dixiklo.

  7. dixiklo.

    No longer thirsty. xD
  8. Hello, guys. What do you think about the new browser called "Brave Browser"? Now I'm using this browser and it's very fast and looks pretty good. What do you think, guys? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. dixiklo.

    xD I have cs 1.6 server too, bhop #1 in Bulgaria... I dont know in Poland, but in Bulgaria game is 75% died and if you make server I wish u success, because in gt.rs (not advertise) probably when send sms and up the server join kids, troll and play for 2-3 hours and all the people left. If you are going to make cs 1.6 server, the mod must be unique. You need rewards, advertisements, good admins and good motivation. I would give you an interesting plugin, when you get X minutes you get vip extras (Probably flag b for reservation and custom extras). If you guys need help for the server, I can help. From years ago I'm making cs servers, also minecraft and sites. But my motivation for cs and minecraft day to day dies. xD PS Also know, use the latest AmxModX version, because old has bugs and server can be stoped from exploits. Also I have good protections for all types of hacking, developer and fps indicator plugins. I have the best bhop anticheats, also good classic and all type of hacks protect plugins and rechecker resources and I can help. But always admins are the best anticheat. This is an old game with so much exploits and hacks. Also I have good ban systems (edited) and cool ip network banner from the server and etc. Also antivpn system xD
  10. dixiklo.

    With @Maluch <sry for second post :X>
  11. dixiklo.

  12. dixiklo.

    Nick from game: d!xiklo. Character ID: 72430 Name and Surname: DreaM40 Bulgaria