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  1. dixiklo.

  2. dixiklo.

    With @Zaahain
  3. dixiklo.

    with Pyrson xd
  4. dixiklo.

    Hello, can I get unbanned from the Discord group, too? Discord: Unstoppablee36#0334
  5. dixiklo.

    That's an option too. I will post a suggestion in the tracker, you can lock and archive this topic.
  6. dixiklo.

    It worked properly for me, if you do the wrong open f3 instead of f4 I don't think you will do it again. But it can be on another bind, like F2 (if it is unused) or M/N... It's really useful.
  7. Hello PTS! What happened with the PTS Tablet from F3? If you think it is useless, may you add only YouTube panel, but I think it is really useful and nice..?
  8. dixiklo.

    Merry Christmas, alive and healthy! And Happy Birthday to @Pawelo.
  9. dixiklo.

    nick: D!xiklo
  10. dixiklo.

    z nap @xvr
  11. dixiklo.

    What do you play? I haven't played there for months but we can play derby/race/ptp/carball xd
  12. Hello, This morning I was playing in the server and immediately it has been stuck on "NETWORK TROUBLE". It disconnected me & Lukasyno and we joined again. After I delivered the cargo I didn't receive my firm money & score on F4. I tried to delivery one more course:
  13. dixiklo.

    Hello everybody, My nickname is dixiklo and I'm from Bulgaria. I'm interested in sports, cars, animals and web programming. I did wrongs in this server and I had a punishment which I endured. I want to prove myself again as a good, regular and nice player in this international community & server. My PTS carrier: AS Logistic, AS Logistic, Pomoc Drogowa, Policja, Mecha Industries, Pogotowie. My character has been reset so my score has been set to null. For one day I've made 46 score and now I continue playing and delivering cargos. I want to play seriously again. Score: 46 at this moment Char ID: 72430 Best regards, dixiklo.
  14. dixiklo.

    Thanks for your decision.