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DiBakso last won the day on October 26 2019

DiBakso had the most liked content!

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  1. DiBakso

    Masz pobrany najnowszy Launcher? Bez niego chyba nie da się wejść do online.
  2. DiBakso

    Nie podoba mi się ten ananas Ale ciasto fajnie wygląda
  3. DiBakso

    z @Grubcio na łonie natury
  4. DiBakso

    Omg. Dix why you cant understand that simple word "no"? First time you've been in Technical Crew (btw it was called Map Editor Crew at that time), Boleslaw accepted your application. We gave you a chance. And what? You didn't even join our ME server. And your explanation was "I was sleeping", ok but 2 days? Why you didn't tell the truth? Why you didn't tell us the true reason before? Then Smuggling hiding - maybe your penalty was right, maybe not - I'm not judging. But in the players eyes your reputation deteriorated. It deteriorated even more when you wrote lot of appeals and you started arguing with players. Then you wrote an application to TC. 03.02.2020 - Boleslaw gave you one more chance. You joined our dc server. We asked you some questions about your behavior etc. And you started arguing, one more time. Your words: "You are more funny" - why? Why you can't admit your mistakes? You know what I mean? It's not Boleslaw and not mine fault. It's yours. I think if you had said "sorry" at right time, your reputation would have be better right now and you would have be in TC. But as we can see, you haven't grown-up yet. So, firstly I thought "Maybe Dix calm down and moved on, I think we should give him a chance in TC" but when you started arguing with us, I thought "I don't know if i want him in our crew", then Boleslaw removed you. And at the end you spammed our PMs. So now I think we shouldn't even gave you that second chance. You act like a little kid, sorry. At the end I can say that every decission in TC is taken mainly by Boleslaw. He is the boss. I don't even know why i send you screenshots, I think it's because I don't like when people don't trust me. But the decission about removing you was our joint. In my opinion Boleslaw is not guilty.
  5. DiBakso

    Jak dla mnie super pomysł.
  6. DiBakso

    Przez przypadek kliknąłem enter, tu reszta screenów:
  7. Projekt przebudowy załadunku 119, przystanku i wagi.
  8. GrubyBenek

    1. GrubyBenek


      Kiedy do dibu? :-------------------------------------------------D

    2. DiBakso


      nigdy :--------------------------------------------------D

    3. GrubyBenek
  9. DiBakso

    tak, aczkolwiek nie Czekolada mleczna czy gorzka?
  10. DiBakso

    @DiBakso pszenica czy żyto?
  11. DiBakso

    Najpierw mleko, później płatki. Do pizzy - czosnkowy czy ostry?
  12. Projekt dwóch załadunków - "Wytwórnia chemiczna" (od frontu) i "Magazyn odpadów wytwórni" (z tyłu).
  13. DiBakso

    Przystanek Doki LS

    Kolejna część przebudowy doków - przystanek autobusowy.
  14. DiBakso

    RMF Przebój Roku 2019 RMF Lady Pank

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