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  1. SantY

    Nick: SantY. ID de personaje: 116394 Per铆odo de licencia: del 28.6 al 12.6 Raz贸n: asuntos personales
  2. Hello to all ASL employees and management. I want to present my candidacy to join the company, I really like to help and have fun too, that is why I want to work in your company, I can meet your weekly standard and help you, I hope a positive response. Greetings @DarXe and @SebGre
  3. SantY

    Hello everyone, my name is Santy I pretend to be SantY. On the server, thanks to the school holidays I have much more free time and that is why I want to return to transport merchandise, especially jewelry, I want to drive one of your beautiful Securicars and I hope you give me a chance, I will submit to your rules and I will obey.ID116394 and my score at the moment is 3600. regards @karools and @Teimez.
  4. Nick:SantY. Reason:I want to transport goods again, thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me, see you soon Working period:27.04 - 5.06 Thanks. Zwolniony o 19:10, powodzenia w rozwo偶eniu towar贸w na truckerce i do zobaczenia
  5. SantY

    SantY. 116394
  6. SantY

    Hello to all Pomoc Drogowa management and employees. My name is Kevin and I want to apply to be part of this faction. I want to try again and this time I am determined to accompany you through thick and thin, I was here a while ago and it seemed like a very good job. My internship on the server is 1 year, my id is 116394, my in-game nickname is SantY. Right now I have 3.3k sc and have been in various companies and factions. Greetings and I look forward to a positive request.
  7. SantY

    Hello to all employees and management I want to apply to this company to help it continue to grow and enjoy its employees interacting and playing with them, my passion is trucks and soccer, let me enter your company I want to help you Nick: SantY. Score:3.3k regards @karools and @Teimez .
  8. SantY

    Nick: SantY. ID: 116394 Okres pracy:01/02/2021-16/03/2021,lack of time and desire to play Thanks Frg ///Thank you for helping in the development of the company // released 03h36 / Frg_BR
  9. SantY

  10. SantY

    Nick:SantY ID:116394 Zwolniony 28.01.2021, godz. 16:54.
  11. SantY

    Hello Zoomie employees and management. I want to work in this company because it reminds me of my friend @DonQ who was the one who gave me the first opportunity on the server to get to know me and the day came to return to the first company that works on the server greetings to @DonQ and @Neige I hope to be accepted: Nick:SantY Score:2970+ ID:116394
  12. SantY

    Nick:SantY ID:116394 Work period:1 month and 21 days Reason:the circumstances that the company is experiencing Thanks @Rojo Zwolniony o 14:38 dnia 1.01.2021r. //ReD
  13. Nick:SantY. ID:116394 Reason for dismissal:Bored, I don't feel good here. Thank you Zaahain for giving me a chance. See you soon. Working period:15/10/2020-5/11/2020 Zwolniony o 12:47 z kar膮 20% score.
  14. SantY

    Hello to all players and administrators What the players say is true but the complaint they have against me is a little unnecessary with respect to Ramzesowski it was an oversight of me the first time and at the time he wrote me the message I went to rescue him and the second time my boss Zaahain was AFK and As soon as the emergency arrived I put on AFK because I could not go to treat him I was busy and at once without being able to wait a little for him to heal just because all the emergency members were AFK wrote for PW and at once he made this complaint so I do not know what they can do about it. I apologize to everyone and this will not happen again.
  15. SantY

    Nick: SantY. ID: 116394 Score: 2.5k Working period: 09/04/2020 - 10/10/2020 Reason: At this moment I don't have time to be in company. Thanks you by all @Teimez and @karools Release at 9:53 PM polish time. // karools