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  1. Milko

    I need to do 250 deliveries for a house and a truck Milko's story will be even longer.
  2. Milko

    I have seen him! He is a good man now! Doler is a little confused but Joro is honest! Good business, good trucks!
  3. Unban my boy, please!  



  4. Nick: Stealthy122 Serial: DFD7321B18530441695952BBF58E8C43 Zbanował mnie: BOLEQ Powód blokady: Complaint (Nick) Wytłumaczenie: I was kinda getting angry, and changed my name as a joke, but I didn't know that would lead to a ban. I also destroyed people's vehicles and possibly ruined their roleplay, and I am very sorry about that. Me and my friends found it funny, but I promise I won't do that again, and I will play seriously if I get the chance. I will read the rules, and make sure I don't break a single one. Again, I am very sorry about what I did, and I really want to get unbanned so I can play again. I hope you can forgive me, and I will make sure to be friendly and never offend people or destroy their property. I am also sorry about the disrespect towards Omega and the staff team, and if Omega is reading this, I would like to personally apologize. I probably troubled him a lot with all the running into people and speeding.