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  1. 1) Flatbed. 2)Blue. 3)green island island with bus station. 4) idk, 70%. 5)Today I had a Flatbed truck and when I went over a bridge on Green Island the bridge apparently didn't render and the truck and I fell into the water. @giroto55 This washed Flatbed is waiting for you to take him to base in SF driving license school, you can find him by F4 > Vehicles . //SebGre
  2. Nick: Rafa Id: 126034 Score: 26 Previous Work: None My name is Rafael Giroto i have 14 years old, im are a student I decided to join ASL because of one of the members who helped me a lot, I really liked the server and in the middle of my game hours I decided to learn to speak Polish as well as I also decided to go deeper into this team system, that's all.