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Convoy for the summer's end

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The end of the holidays



 This Sunday (31/08/2014) a convoy will take place on the occasion of the holiday end. For some first day of school may be joyful, for others not. Still it is worth to mobilize a great event before first school bell. 1st of September is also an anniversary of Second World War beginning. 

We shall remember that not everyone could start another school year safety then. Event begins at 5:30 pm (usual event time) at LV airport

We scheduled 3 cargo loads and 3 unloading points! We hope that players amount will be equal to server capacity. We recommend to familiarize oneself with information displayed below as they are significant to run the convoy properly. Please, inform your server mates as well. Right after convoy there will be some events with prizes to be won. See you on Sunday! 
Screen by Kubiszon
Convoy rules


​​1. Convoy is being organised by Szpadelo and Legend.

2. You must listen to organizers and police commands.

3. You are not allowed to listen to music "in vehicle"

4. While entering loading/unloading zone you have to stop in such a place that will not bother other players to load/unload.

5. Any attempt to hinder the convoy will be punished by ban.

6. Healing or fixing a vehicle is free for all convoy participants.

7. In case you notice anyone disturbing during event you have to report it to policeor by command: /report

8. We will keep a minimal distance between vehicles.

9. On dual carriageway left lane is reserved for fraction, right one for convoy.

10. Convoy will be conduct by rancher with "PILOT" plate on its roof.

11. Vehicles order: PILOT > Trucks > Vans > Personal cars.

12. We are trying to not make any gaps in convoy. If you spot one inform Pilot, he will stop or slow convoy.

13. In case of any lag you should stop on the hard shoulder and wait.

14. We are driving only route that is stated by organizers.







Yellow colour - start

Orange colour - loading/unloading points

Pink colour - end of the convoy and beginning of another stage

Translation by Avenged.

Edited by Avenged
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Well this idea sounds nice. As for the beggining of school year, i am trying to look at the positive side like meeting with your friends again. Just don't care about it very much, you survived the last school years so you will survive this one. As for the convoy, really nice idea, i hope i will see a ton of people there.


Peace out.

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