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[Recognized]Stealthy122 (ban)

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 Nick: Stealthy122
Serial: DFD7321B18530441695952BBF58E8C43
Zbanował mnie: BOLEQ
Powód blokady: Complaint (Nick)
Wytłumaczenie: I was kinda getting angry, and changed my name as a joke, but I didn't know that would lead to a ban.
I also destroyed people's vehicles and possibly ruined their roleplay, and I am very sorry about that. 
Me and my friends found it funny, but I promise I won't do that again, and I will play seriously if I get the chance.
I will read the rules, and make sure I don't break a single one. Again, I am very sorry about what I did, and I really want
to get unbanned so I can play again. I hope you can forgive me, and I will make sure to be friendly and never offend
people or destroy their property. I am also sorry about the disrespect towards Omega and the staff team, and if Omega is reading this,
I would like to personally apologize. I probably troubled him a lot with all the running into people and speeding.

Edited by Milko

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I hope that you really mean what you said and that you learned your lesson while you had this long break from our server. Unbanned, have fun. We will be watching you.

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