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Advertisement of Polish Truck Server (ENG)

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Hey there!:hej:

Finally we have finished project called "Advertisement". Of course we encourage you to send it everywhere u want! 

P.S. I hope you will enjoy it!




Polski Truckerski Serwer


Polski Truckerski Serwer is the longest existing server with a truck theme, which will allow you to play the role of not only a truck driver, but also give you the opportunity to play the role of an employee of other services. For over twelve years we have been providing entertainment for fans of trucks on the Multi Theft Auto platform. Throughout this period, the server had the honor to host close to 100000 people who decided to check what we can do. Lots of people are still a part of the PTS community, thanks to which we have the satisfaction of working continuously. That’s all in terms of introduction, I invite you to the next part to get to know the server up close.




Getting started can be tough - As a new member of the server community, you will have access to the core group of Truckers. This stage in your career is mandatory and important for newcomers. By working as a driver of various types of trucks, you will gain the required experience, get to know the server from the inside and you will be able to enjoy the game on the server. After getting to know the server, you have three options. You can transport goods as a trucker, apply for admission to one of the companies on the server, or try your hand at one of the three factions.


If you get bored of working as a gray mouse in a company / faction, you can try to buy a company or create your own company. There is a company panel on the server, thanks to which, when hiring in the company, the boss can see how many courses you have done and the amount you have earned for the company. There is also a system of taxes and various fees for companies, so that every company can go bankrupt or be auctioned off by you! Companies develop using the company level system, the maximum company level is 10.





On the server, players currently have three factions at their disposal, such as:


Road Transport Inspection - The main mission of this faction is to monitor other road traffic participants. Measuring speed, checking the weight of the vehicle, reacting to offenses, etc.


Emergency Medical Service - Treatment of other people is your main goal. In the event of an accident, you will receive a notification that the player in question needs your help. The matter looks simple, you receive a report, go to the accident and use the faction panel to heal the player.


Road Assistance - As the name suggests, your task will be to efficiently repair vehicles from other players. The reporting system is quite simple. You receive a notification, ask the player to pay the required amount to the account of the faction, then go to the repair site and use the spray to repair the vehicle.


For people who have more fun driving trucks, there are several different types of companies available on the server. Each company has something different to offer you, so it's best to visit our forum to find out about the company.




There are several systems on the server to diversify the game. These are, among others:


Fuel System - There are three types of fuel on the server. Diesel, petrol and gas. The tanks in vehicles vary in size, from 20 liters to 900 liters. Each vehicle has a different fuel consumption, so you have to be careful and closely monitor the condition of your fuel tank, and if necessary, refuel at one of the available stations. Prices at the stations vary and change every few days, so sometimes it's good to ask other drivers through the CB Radio where it is the cheapest at a given time.




Hunger system - A simple system that simulates our character's hunger, from time to time the character's HP level will drop. If the HP level drops to 0%, of course, you will die, but don't worry. Your character will respawn at the nearest hospital, where it is possible to pay for treatment.


Fatigue system - Every driver will get tired someday, so you have to be careful about the level of fatigue. If your fatigue level is higher than 30%, you will be able to reduce it by drinking coffee at a fuel station or taking a quick nap in one of the many hotels available on the server.


ViaToll system - More precisely, the toll motorway system, there are gates located throughout the San Andreas map, which collect "impulses". They are located on the highways. Buying such impulses costs $25 per impulse.


I will not reveal more, visit our server and see what else we have for you. If you are into the subject of trucks and want to visit the server, you will not be disappointed. The climate on the server will convince you to stay with us for longer.




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Server address:


Our FP:

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